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John Agoston – HTEA President

I have been teaching in Howell for 25 years. I began at Ardena, went to North, helped open Memorial and I currently work at North again. I have served as an HTEA rep, election chair, grievance co-chair, 2nd Vice-President, 1st Vice-President, and I currently serve as HTEA President. I live in South Jersey and can always find a Van Halen song on the radio.


Rich Concato – HTEA 1st Vice President

I started working in Middle School North when it opened in 1994 as a Technology Ed teacher. I have served on many negotiations teams over the years. I have also served as Academic Council Chairperson, Grievance Co-Chairperson, Action Committee Co-Chairperson. A few years ago I ran for the office of 2nd Vice-President. I currently serve as the 1st Vice-President.


Eileen Levine – HTEA 2nd Vice President

After teaching for FRHSD, I was hired by Howell.  I helped to open Middle School North in 1994 and have never left.   I am certified Teacher of the Handicapped K – 12 and currently teach 8th grade Resource LA and ICS SS.  I have been a Building Rep, Negotiations Chair and am currently the HTEA 2nd VP.  I’m all about solidarity and being a strong Union. 


Jain Miller – HTEA Corresponding Secretary

I have been a teacher in Howell for 19 years.  I have had the pleasure of teaching at Southard, Land O’ Pines, Taunton, and Adelphia schools.  Throughout my years in Howell I have been a Basic Skills Assistant and a Kindergarten, 1st,  2nd,  and 3rd grade teacher. I have been active in the HTEA for many year as a Building Representative, a member of Negotiations for the 2 most recent contracts, Membership Chair, and Corresponding Secretary.  I look forward to continuing to serve the members of the HTEA.


Lisa Parshelunis – HTEA Recording Secretary

I have been a teacher in Howell for 11 years.  Throughout my years in Howell, I have worked at Adelphia and Griebling Elementary Schools and taught grades K, 1st, 2nd & 5th.  I have served as an HTEA Building Representative, Co-Chair of the Action Committee, PRIDE Chair, a member of the negotiations team and currently serve as the Recording Secretary. 

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  Helen Keller


Diane Vistein – HTEA Treasurer

Welcome fellow members to the updated HTEA website!!!

I’m Diane Vistein your HTEA Treasurer and Union Activist since 1983.

Over years of service and dedication to the members of the HTEA I’ve found myself working various positions beginning with HTEA Building Representative, Legislative Chair, Membership Chair, Recording Secretary, Negotiation Committee, Action Committee Co-Chair, Scholarship Committee, HTEA Pension Organizer, DEAC Union Representative, through to my current position as Treasurer.

Increased local involvement has served as the foundation for the numerous positions which I also hold at the county, state and national levels.

I hold a degree from Rutgers’ University in Labor Relations and

I am available to listen and offer direction and guidance to all members.


Chris Collins – HTEA Grievance Chair

I have been a teacher in Howell at different schools and grade levels for thirteen years, with the majority of my experience in middle school language arts and social studies. For the last three years I have served as the Grievance co-chair for the HTEA. In addition, I volunteer for the NJEA Congressional Contact Committee where I work with other county and state members to advocate for legislation and action that positively impacts students and educators. 

Lois Muhaw – Academic Council Chair

I began working in Howell as a paraprofessional at Griebling in 1992. Later that year, I moved to Newbury to teach 1st & 2nd grade.  I transferred to teach 1st & 3rd grade in Adelphia and now I’m at Memorial teaching 3rd grade. I’ve been a rep for both Adelphia and Memorial and am currently the Academic Council Chair


Jeff Smith – HTEA Negotiations Chair

Hello my name is Jeff Smith, your Negotiations Chair.  I have been an educator for twenty years. While teaching and living in Howell for the past 14 years, I have taught at Griebling and Taunton.  I have also been a part of the negotiations team since 2011. Aside from negotiating the contract, I attend monthly Finance Committee meetings and assist members with questions/issues concerning their medical coverage and claims.  I work diligently towards serving the needs of all HTEA members. 

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Linda Swirski – Legislative Chair

I have been a Special Education Teacher in Howell for 38 years.  My first 20 Years were at Ardena as a Resource Teacher and Self-Contained PI Class.  For most of that time I was an HTEA Building Rep. Then I taught at MSN for  8 years as a self-contained LLD and CI teacher.  For the last ten years I have been in Southard, Taunton, Ardena, Adelphia, Griebling, Newbury and now MSS as a Resource Teacher.  I continued to be a building Rep in each building and for about 10 years now I have been the Legislative Action Team Chair (LAT).  My job is to get the latest information about legal issues and our local, county and state representatives to our members.  I attend county LAT meetings, NJEA Legislative Conferences, meet and greet candidates functions, and conduct phone banking wherever needed.

Mary Carroll – Membership Chair
I have been a teacher in Howell Township for 18 years.  Currently I am a 3rd grade teacher at Aldrich School. I am also an HTEA Representative and the Membership Chairperson.


Shannon Carusi – Pride & Scholarship Chair

My name is Shannon Carusi and I have been a teacher since 2000 and was hired in Howell Township in 2003.  I am dual certified in regular and special education and I am currently a Resource teacher in Ramtown School.  I have been involved with the HTEA for many years,  I started out as a Rep for Taunton School and then became the Pride Grant Coordinator in 2009.  After some time, I became the Corresponding Secretary, then 2nd VP.  Currently, I am the Pride Grant Coordinator.  I write the grants awarded by NJEA to help bring our schools and the Howell community together


Heather McCreight– Action Committee Chair

This is my ninth year as a Howell Township employee.  I started my career in Howell at Aldrich and Newbury schools and am currently placed at Middle School North.  I was a building rep at Newbury, member of the Action Committee when it was initially formed, and am current Action Committee chairperson. 


Angela Echols – Grievance Sub chair

Hello!  My name is Angela Echols, I have been working for Howell Township BOE for 18 years.  I have worked at LOP as a 10 month employee and Aldrich and now MSN as a 12 month secretary.  I am the subcommittee chair for grievance and have been for 3 years. I also have served on the negotiations committee and I am a HTEA building rep. My goal is to help improve the feel of the union and help it be successful for everyone.

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